The size of the real estate industry in India is estimated to be around Rs. 63,0600 Crors.
In addition, international “investors” have become more interested in Indian property and is seeking transparent and liquid ways to invest. Furthermore, with a more global property market, the level of competition in the Indian property business is rising, while the need for property firms to strengthen their operational infrastructures, personnel and finances to better compete is also becoming more acute.

Invest in Plots for Better Returns

Why investing in plots becoming increasingly popular alternative investment
Land has increased in value by over 800% over the last twenty years and remains one of the most popular forms of investment . Historically, buying land has been restricted to large development companies, farmers and wealthy individuals .
A residential-sized plot of land would allow buyers to share in any future development gains without the need to buy large acres as a developer would.The simplicity and transparency of land investment has gained many followers. There are no complicated concepts that purchasers need to understand , just that there is an ever-increasing demand for land.Buying land is far simpler and quicker than buying property, although you would still be recommended to use a solicitor to protect your interests.

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