Yadadri (Yadagiri Gutta)

Yadagirigutta (Yadadri), a temple city and renowned spiritual pilgrimage & tourism centre. 2000 acres in & around Yadagirigutta earmarked for Narasimha Abhayaaranyam, Deer park, Veda pathsala. Ropeway is also planned. Shopping complexes, hotels, cottages, Kalyan mantapam, Golden Dwajastambhams are the part of developments. Like Thirupathi, Yadagirigutta is planned to be made autonomous body.

Newly formed telangana government announced a 100 ft of 4 lanes ring road to near Yadagiri Gutta, And expect to receive MMTS

And TS Government officially announced the Industrial Corridor between Ghastliness to Rampur

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